Can you dig-it-alize?

The landscape of Smart Industry 4.0 is shaped by digitalization. All information in people’s mind or on paper is potentially lost unless it ‘incarnates’ in a digital form.

This is essential in understanding what is happening in the ongoing transition the industry is going through.

Many companies are still focussed on the physical aspect of their business processes.

For many companies, Information Technology is just a means to manage their material flow, with a finished, physical product as final result and output.

Remember that scene from the movie ‘the Matrix’ in which main character Neo finally sees the world as it is? A computer generated environment made from binary code! Now take a look at your production floor, assembly line or chemical plant. Close your eyes… what do you ‘see’ (envision)?

Can you see the information flow? Can you imagine the enormous amount of detail in it?

No??? You’re not ready for Smart Industry 4.0… Only if one can ‘see’, one can ‘dig’ the potential of digitalization.

Go find your self a Neo, someone who can ‘see’. He will guide you to the next level of industry.