Ten Commandments for Engineers

Learn these by heart and you will enjoy a long and prosperous life as an engineer, to the benefit of man kind!

  1. Thou shall not perform repeated tasks
  2. Thou shall pursue continues improvement
  3. Thou shall not waste brainpower
  4. Thou shall not speak in riddles
  5. Thou shall share knowledge
  6. Thou shall quest for new knowledge
  7. No engineering discipline shall be master of another
  8. Thou shall document and detail so others may understand
  9. Thou shall not fear the new and unknown
  10. Thou shall validate assumptions


  1. relates to the 3th commandment: not to waste brainpower. Use your brain to automate repeated tasks.
  2. every fault or failure must be seen as opportunity to do it better next time.
  3. your brain is your biggest asset. You use your brain to earn your money. It should be put to use to its best.
  4. engineering is a team effort. To collaborate you must communicate. The better you communicate, the better you collaborate.
  5. if you want to learn from others, then let others learn from you. If you do not want to learn at all, then you should not be an engineer. If you don’t want to learn from others, and figure it out all by yourself, you’ll end up as a one man team.
  6. relates to the 2nd and 5th commandments. Plus..if you stop learning you will become obsolete.
  7. a problem is often solved by a combination of technologies. Also… innovation is mostly driven by a combination of different fields of expertise.
  8. relates to the 5th commandment. Transfer your knowledge by documenting it.
  9. Be bold if necessary; think ‘out of the box’. Even if you fail, you will learn something (see 6th commandment)
  10. Assumptions are the mother of all f*ck-ups.